Division of Immigration

"Keeping RMI Borders Safe and Secured"

Message from the Director

Iakwe and welcome to the Republic of the Marshall Islands Division of Immigration’s official website.

The aim of this website is to help assist with the use of information to better inform agencies, communities and individuals in origin, transit and destination countries about travel and migration to the Marshall Islands.

As population movements through the region and further to the States continue to grow, the use of information through this platform enable flexibility and convenience to our users and clients in country and abroad. Therefore, the aim of the website is to ensure we provide information to our visitors and public and in return assist us in managing the movement of the population that resides and visits the Republic. This website will further help provide information on RMI’s entry requirements, eligibility for visa issuance and important announcements and updates regarding any visa policies or travel requirements  of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

The Division has its mandate to ensure Immigration services for Visa requirements and procedures at our air and sea ports are carried out in accordance with our Act and Regulations are observed, including other relevant RMI laws such as Ports of Entry act, Customs and Bio Security regulations. The RMI border agencies duties are quite complex in their nature, but very important and useful for divers of change. There could be positive or negative impact which end up affecting the life of our society.

RMI Immigration has learned about how to allow people in and how to control non genuine influences, however there are still more to learn and to improve. This website will as well bring us closer to our population and we anticipate in the near future the emergence of another level of participation from our clients  and public. We hope that this website will assist you to learn and build your understanding on the role, functions and supports you can get from the immigration services.

We hope that this website will provide convenient access to visa online and information and a greater awareness of the roles and responsibilities of the RMI Immigration.

Bar Iakwe & Sincerely,

Mercyba Balos

Our Mandate

RMI Immigration is mandated to provide an efficient and effective immigration service through the application and enforcement of the Immigration Laws and Regulations. Without limiting the generality powers vested in the Immigration officers by the Act, our functions included but not limited to:

  • carrying out immigration clearance procedures at approved airports and docks
  • issuing visas in accordance with the provisions of the Act and regulations
  • effectively implementing and enforcing shore pass procedures
  • carrying out routine inspections of premises to ensure that

— curfew hours under section 119(1) are being observed; and

— persons are not in the Republic in contravention of their visas

  • issuing citation notices pursuant to penalty provisions under the Act or regulations
  • liaising with the Attorney General’s office, members of the Police, Labor Division and other appropriate Government agencies for the effective implementation and enforcement of the Act and regulations
  • carrying out any other functions as necessary for the effective enforcement of the Act and regulations
  • Officers of the Division shall, at all times, comply with instructions of the Minister, Attorney General, and the Director

These functions shall encompass procedures regarding entry visa, residence permits, border control clearance, detention, removals and deportations.

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