Enforcement & Compliance

The compliance section is strengthening its capacity to control and manage profiling of current and new visa individuals. Based on the control masers, we monitor period of stay of a particular visa holder, what activities they are undertaking and for what intentions they are travelling for. If you get caught by breaching immigration Act or any other laws of RMI, you will be penalized and can further be prosecuted to court depending on the cause of the offence. Serious and uncooperative offenders will be deported.

Unit's Role & Responsibilites

Oversees the effective enforcement of RMI Immigration Laws.

Identifies, arrest and removes aliens who present a danger to the RMI’s national security, a risk to public safety as well as those that have entered the RMI illegally or otherwise undermine the integrity of RMI’s Immigration laws and our border control efforts, including illegal trafficking and smuggling of people.

Liaise with stakeholders on matters of compliance. Liaise with partner law enforcement of mutual matters of national security or compliance.

Prepares and represents the Division in prosecution cases.

VISA Requirement

Applicants have to be aware that lodgement of visa application must meet all requirements specified in the visa application checklist form.  Visa application will not be accepted and will be refused and denied if failed to provide appropriate relevant documents mention on the application checklist form.  Note that a person commits an offense under Section §174. If he/she knowingly making a false statement on an application for visa. An offense that is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years, a fine not exceeding $5,000 or both.

Over stayers and breached of Visa condition​

Over stayers will penalized and can be deported if they get caught; Penalties and Visa Cancellation notices will be served to a visa holder whenever he/she has breached the conditions of his/her visa.