Border Control

Unit’s Roles and Responsibilities

Entry into the Republic is only allowed at the approved ports of entries. Border control unit managed the entries at airports and sea ports” Border Control oversees the Entry and Departure Requirements such as:

  • Control and implement entry and departure requirement at all authorized ports against illegal entry of the alien while welcoming legitimate travelers;
  • Conducts thorough inspections of all crafts and travelers entering and exiting RMI ports; Required entry/departure forms must be filled out as required;
  • Provide hard/soft copy proof of return ticket back to usual country of residence/and or country of origin;
  • Non-Exempt Visa Countries must possess a prior entry visa before entering the RMI (application must be lodged while applicant is not in the RMI)
  • Masters or agents of sea vessels and Commanders of aircraft about to enter and depart RMI must provide in advance a duplicate list of all crews and passengers;
  • Determine and verify traveler identities and nationalities to prevent the entry of ineligible aliens, including criminals, terrorists and other persons may subvert RMIs national interest;
  • Inspections include document examinations and traveler interviews to assist in determining eligibility for entry into the RMI
  • Report matters of compliance for immediate action

Approved International Airports

Immigration Act 2006 “Approved Airport” means the Amata Kabua International Airport (AKIA) or USAKA airport (Kwajalein)

Ports of Entry Act

PDF Document

Approved Ports of Entry – Seaport Points of Entry

Ports of Entry Act §202.

  • All vessels and aircraft authorized to enter the Republic must enter and obtain clearance from an official port of entry, and no vessel or aircraft shall call at any other port in the Republic without first entering and obtaining clearance from an official port of entry unless the Cabinet or its designated representative determines that the public interest or an emergency requires the vessel or aircraft to enter another port without first entering and obtaining clearance from an official port of entry, and grants permission to do so. A vessel or aircraft in distress may anchor or land at any port in the Republic but shall immediately thereafter notify the nearest government representative of the Government of the Marshall Islands or Local Government. The official ports of entry in the Republic shall be:
  • Kwajalein: (i) Kwajalein Anchorage; (ii) Kwajalein Airstrip; (iii) Ebeye Anchorage;
  • Majuro: (i) Darrit Anchorage; (ii) the Majuro International Airport;
  • Jaluit Anchorage: (i) Jabor Island; (ii) Jaluit Atoll.

One Way Requirements

  • Approved Visa
  • Uplift Notice that will include Name, Nationality, Passport Number, Passport Validity, Date of Birth, Arrival Date; Flight Details
  • Privately owned vessels

— Provide info prior to entry: Name, Nationality, Skipper, Arrival Date, Port of Arrival, Departure Date, Next Port of Call

NOTE: Ensure to wait for an approval letter before departure and provide to this office the Skippers confirmation letter of acceptance to join the vessel/yacht. Skipper’s approval letter along will not be accepted as such; entry into the country will also be denied.