About us

The Border Security and Border Control is an essential service provided since the enactment of RMI Immigration laws in which by 2006, the new legislation came in effect to "better streamline the requirements for the issuance of visas and permits, clarify procedures for the removal of persons who are in the Republic unlawfully, and to allow for more effective enforcement of immigration laws, and thereby secure the Republic’s borders." The new legislation emphasis is directed at the role, activities and performance of the RMI Division of Immigration as the government agency responsible for people’s movement and migration management. ​


Border Integrity through National Cooperation, Facilitation of Seamless and Efficient people movement that contributes to the Economic Growth of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.


Enhance quality Immigration and Border Management best practice by implementation of Effective, Transparent and Fair Policies & Procedures.

Meet the Team

Mercyba Balos


Amber Kramer

Deputy Director

Gabriel Lojkar

Assistant Deputy Director

Roderick Kabua

Immigration Controller III

Helon Zedkaia

Immigration Controller II

Danny Paul

Immigration Controller II

Abner Botla

Immigration Controller I

Michael Note

Immigration Controller I

Henrick Langinbelik

Immigration Controller I

Haisa Hiram

Immigration Controller I

Julian Paul

Immigration Controller I

Junson Nimoto

Immigration Controller I